Unleash your INNER WILD WOMAN wisdom
and finally CREATE THE LIFE you've barely dared to dream.

5 DAYS of 15 25 FREE WORKSHOPS crafted just for you.

Unleash your INNER WILD WOMAN wisdom

and finally CREATE THE LIFE you've barely dared to dream.

5 DAYS of 15 25 FREE WORKSHOPS crafted just for you.

You are an amazing woman with a vague feeling (or not so vague!) that you're transitioning into the next phase of life...

Empowered Wild Women Summit platinum woman
  • Have the years raced by, while you looked after partners, children, pets, aging parents (everyone but yourself)…all the while feeling your inner wild wisdom, your inner joy, tamed and almost entirely smothered by society’s expectations?

  • Are you over 40 (or just feel like you are!) and want to rediscover and unleash your wild wisdom?

  • Is your inner wild woman feeling twitchy, raring to finally break free and create the next exciting chapter of your life?

If this resonates, you're in the right place. This summit is your launchpad...
and an amazing journey of rediscovery awaits you!

This isn’t the same old tired, interview-style, sit-and-listen online summit...

The Empowered Wild Woman Summit is an experiential, fully immersive summit with innovative workshops that deliver transformation and unleash your wild woman within.

Each expert speaker's workshop is full of wisdom, guidance, and passion that will teach you something new and guide you on your journey as you discover and free your inner wild woman.

Are you ready to create that unleashed life? Are you ready to be who you are inside?

Can you hear her? Your wild woman is calling.

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Meet our 15 25 Incredible Speakers

Each one specially curated to help you finally focus on your own growth, reawaken your inner wild woman, and let your vibrant self take center stage.

Manuela Powell

Being nice is slowly killing you: how to be kind without being nice another day in your life

Lisa Condon

From C.O.O to WOO: How to move away from the societal structures in life and business and tap into the connection to Universe

Tiffany Toombs

Breaking free from Stress Addiction to reclaim your power

Chandra Gore

You are not starting over you are entering your NEXT chapter

Alara Sage

The 4 Keys To Embody Your Genius

Jodi Silverman

The Pillar of the Soul: Plugging into the Universe

Na'Kole Watson

Let Yourself Out

Brenda Ridgley

Find Your Lady Tribe: Finding Friends After 40

Dominique Laundry

5 Steps to a level 10 Relationship

Empowered Wild Woman Summit Speaker - Pamela Brown

Pamela Bowen

Ho’okahi: The Rule of One for Power Manifesting

Jacquie Metzger

The Power of Your Voice

Sacred Walker

Unleash Your Inner Superstar: 20 Minutes to Building your Confident Presence and Becoming your own best friend

Cheryl Cooper

Managing Micro Aggressions Using Mindfulness

Empowered Wild Woman Summit Speaker - Pat Armitstead

Pat Armitstead

How to Grow from Adversity: You have been planted not buried

Empowered Wild Woman Summit Speaker - Audra Santa

Audra Santa

Your Fullest Expression: Embracing Your True Self And Living In Empowered Freedom

Joy Balma

Create your "Wild Woman Rescue Map"

Katie Kozlowski

Embodying your fierce feminine

Andreya Tornes

How to Master Menopause Metabolism

Elizabeth Kipp

Reclaim the Wild Woman Wisdom Within

Paulami Das

Activate your Highest-Self for Fulfillment, Happiness & Manifestation

Candis Williams

Embracing Slowness to Transform Your Life

Sabrina Marie Chase

Use Divination to Overcome Life's 4 Big Challenges!

Mell Balment

From Overwhelm to Empowered for the Empath

Larissa Russell

Release your Wild Woman through Intuitive Painting

April Terreau

Awakening Your Wild Woman Sexuality

Get access to this FREE summit, all of these renowned speakers, their workshops, and their gifts now!

Now you're probably wondering that this sounds awesome, but what will I get exactly?

Great question! I’m glad you asked. Here’s you get with the FREE! ACCESS PASS...

  • 48 Hours access to each speaker’s workshop

  • 3-5 Workshops per day of the summit

  • 15 25 Exceptional workshops

  • 15 25 Renowned Expert Speakers from around the world

  • Free speaker gifts to help you continue your journey after the summit

  • Facebook private community to join with fellow wild women and your expert speakers as you create your new life

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Would you like free access to 15 25 world class
Empowered Wild Women workshops?

These workshops feature pioneering expert speakers sharing their wisdom about empowerment, resilience, and personal growth. You’ll learn how to dig deep to find your own wild woman wisdom and then how to apply it to your new life. You’ll get the opportunity to bond with like-minded women, forging connections and friendships that will support you on your new journey. BONUS! Free gifts from each speaker will help you continue your journey after the summit. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to all this gloriousness!

Still scrolling...? You Know it's FREE, right?

Here are 4 more reasons to sign up for the Empowered Wild Women Summit:

  • Can’t watch it all at once?
    Each workshop is available for 48 hours for you to watch in your own time.

  • Can’t do it all right now?

    Download the free gifts to enjoy when you have time.

  • Scared?

    Join a community of women struggling with the same challenges that you are.

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

    Just take it one workshop at a time.

Meet your summit host, April Terreau

April lives to empower women and has been doing so for over two decades.

As a midwife, she has empowered women through one of the biggest transformations of their lives, their transition to motherhood.

Now, she midwives women from motherhood to the exciting next stage of their life, bringing back their Empowered Wild Woman inner core that may have been hidden for years while she took care of others, and helps to rekindle that fire within her.

April is an experienced coach and large group facilitator who inspires her community. She’s committed to a continuous process of leveling up, and she’s built her entire life around this principle.

April has embraced and studied extensively the magical side of her sexuality for over 20 years and is now combining all of her talents into the Sacred Sisterhood of Sexuality, an online community of self-identified women to witness and encourage each other to embrace their authentic sexual selves.

April is also a co-founder of Grounded Magic, a podcast dedicated to bringing magic out of the ethereal and into your everyday life.

Empowered Wild Women Summit April Terreau
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15 25 FREE Workshops

to help you create your new unleashed YOU!

The Empowered Wild Woman Summit is more than just an event - it's your gateway to a personal awakening. It's the key to unlocking your potential, the release of your wild wisdom, and the beginning of your next chapter. It's your chance to grow and be part of a supportive, understanding community.

Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your passion, empower your spirit, and unleash the wild woman within. She's been waiting patiently, and now it's her time to shine.

Answer the call of the wild echoing within your soul.

It's your time.

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Copyright © 2023 Empowered Wild Woman Summit
All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions

We're committed to building an inclusive, intersectional business for our clients, team and wider community. This includes, but is not limited to: race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability including physical and mental health, neurodiversity, religion, parenthood and those with caring responsibilities.

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